Mogua, Yuja, and Goguma, Oh My: All About Cha

It was very good tea. Worth what I paid.

A couple of months ago, I got a sweet potato latte at All About Cha.

No, really. Sweet potato.

All About Cha is the place to go if you want something a little out of the ordinary, or even if you don’t. They have a wide selection of Western fare — coffee, black tea, croissants — but that’s not all you’ll find at this great little cafe. All About Cha is a Korean franchise,  and the menu includes some selections from Korea and the rest of Asia.


The food at All About Cha is quite good. If you’re looking for a lunch or light dinner, you can get a wrap — the bulgogi beef wrap is excellent. You can also choose from a wide selection of desserts in the pastry case. They’re all tasty, but not very big — quality over quantity. I don’t think they’re fresh, but they’re towards the higher end of boxed if they’re not.

it was delicious, in case anyone was wondering.

All About Cha’s bulgogi beef wrap.

Perhaps the best thing All About Cha offers is their Belgian waffle. You can buy a huge, freshly made waffle with ice cream and fruit for about $8. It’s great if you’re going out with a few friends and want something you can set in the center of the table and share (or eat by yourself if you’re a sweet tooth).


The drinks at All About Cha are good all around. Their focus is primarily tea, as can be seen by their name, but their coffee is good too. One coffee aficionado I know told me, “All About Cha’s [coffee making] process is excellent — if they had fresher coffee they would rival any coffee shop in the metro.” That sounds about right to me. I enjoy their coffee, but prefer the more coffee-specific shops (Evoke, Hoboken, Elemental, and Slingers, to name a few).

All About Cha’s tea is top-notch. They make the best chai I’ve had locally, and they carry a wide variety of different teas — floral, black, green, white, and herb teas are all on offer. You can also get drinks made from Asian fruits like the yuja and mogua, sweet potato, grains, and even a frozen green tea latte with red beans.

Sorry about the blur.

Reniel and Sarah are enjoying their beverages.

The menu also boasts a huge variety of cold and frozen versions of their hot drinks. Look for the word “freddo” — that indicates Frappucino-like drinks. Yuja Lemon Freddo is great for cooling down when it’s hot outside, and if you want to drink a dessert, you can get a Cocoa Latte Freddo to boost your blood sugar.


All About Cha has a great environment. It’s a reasonably warm and welcoming color palette. The seats are comfy, as well. The problem I tend to run into with them is lack of space, especially at busy times. It’s a very popular hangout, and depending on the time of day, you may not have a lot of seating. It’s a pain when my laptop is down on battery and I go there only to find that the seats by the power outlets are all taken.

The staff have been very friendly to me every time I’ve been. It takes a little while to get your food, but I don’t mind. It’s worth waiting a bit for.


The pricing at All About Cha is comparable to the other higher-end coffee shops. If you like good coffee, good tea, and good food, it’s worth the money. A few people have posted bad reviews on Yelp, and I’m still not sure what they’re talking about.


All About Cha has good service, great food, a solid and wide-ranging selection of beverages, and a well-done aesthetic. It’s worth a visit. Stop by and see them at the corner of 33rd and Broadway.

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  1. Tarah H says:

    My husband and I consider All About Cha out hang out spot of choice. We love the atmosphere and the quality and variety of drinks.

    Yay for the goguma (sweet potato) latte! It is my favorite thing to get at any coffee place in the state. I am so glad that you mentioned this fabulous drink, I’m always trying to get people to try it, and those who do always love it!

    Thanks for this review!

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