Top That: It’s Like Subway for Pizza

When I heard Spicy Pickle in Edmond was shutting down, I wasn’t too happy.

Spicy Pickle was a sandwich and pizza shop in Edmond’s Spring Creek shopping plaza. It was a great place to get a quick bite to eat, and one of my favorite spots for a small dinner or a lunch.

Thankfully, its replacement Top That! is a great restaurant in its own right.

The counter at Top That!

Top That! has a nice clean design aesthetic.

Top That! is to pizza what Subway and Quiznos are to sandwiches and Chipotle and Qdoba are to burritos. Traditionally, if you went to a place like Pizza Hut or CiCi’s, you would have several pies premade for you to take slices from. At Top That!, you get a menu with all of your choices.

When you’ve chosen what you want, you go to the counter, where the pizza maker puts together your customized pie right in front of you. If you’ve been to any of the places I mentioned before, this process should be pretty familiar. The cool thing about Top That! that no other place I know of does is that you can pay one flat price and have as MANY TOPPINGS AS YOU WANT.

This is my pizza

This was a delicious pizza. I ate it all within about 10 minutes.

That blew my mind. I went a little crazy with the toppings when I went there the other day — I might back off a bit the next time. The freedom to have as many toppings as you like is tempting, but in my opinion, pizzas taste better if you focus on one flavor profile. A few of them also suffer from what I call “Subway Syndrome” — if they’re less used, they get a little less flavorful from being out for a while.

These are the signature pizzas

This is the signature pizza menu. These have prechosen ingredients.

If you can’t decide on your toppings, Top That! offers a good selection of what they call “signature pizzas” — basically pizza templates. I haven’t had any, but they look pretty good. Once you’ve chosen your toppings, the pizza goes into a little oven and you get it within about 5 minutes.

My pizza heads into the fires of Mount Doom

This is their superfast pizza oven

I’ve had better pizza at other places in town, but not for this kind of price. $5.49 for a 6-inch and $7.49 for a 10-inch is a pretty good deal, no matter how you slice it. Though other places may be better, they don’t offer the selection for the price that Top That! does. If you’re going out specifically to have pizza and you want something better, go to the Wedge or Humble Pie.

The Coke Freestyle Machine

But they do have the coolest soda machine I’ve ever seen.

Top That! serves pretty good pizza for a great price and has an astounding array of options. If you’re looking for a lunch or a quick dinner and have a hankering for pizza, Top That! would be a great destination.

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  1. Tarah H says:

    Cool! The girl working there when we went said that the soda machine has over 100 flavors! You can ‘mix’ your own drink with different flavors like vanilla, orange and raspberries. Yummmm!

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